Tyre Type

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Database table wheel
Database variable name tyre_type
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Type of tyre (e.g. summer tire, winter tire, etc.).


2 Summer
3 Winter studded
4 Winter not studded
5 All Season Tyre
6 Mud and Terrain
9999 Unknown


State the seasonal/use type of vehicle tyre.


These tyres are the standard tyres used for vehicles in warmer countries or during summer in colder climate countries.

Winter Studded

Studded winter tyres are easily identified by the studs on the tyre tread (see picture below).

Winter (not studded)

Winter tyres are designed for use in cold regions. They are marked as M+S-tyres (Mud and Snow) and usually have the snowflake symbol on the side wall.

Winter tyres come as studded winter tyres or as non-studded winter tyres.

All Season Tyre

The All Season tire classification is a hybrid between a dry and wet road tyre during summer and one

developed for winter conditions.

All-Season tires are also marked for mud and snow the same as winter tires but rarely with a snowflake.

Mud and Terrain

Mud terrain tires are characterized by large, chunky tread patterns designed to bite into muddy surfaces and provide grip.

The large open design also allows mud to clear more quickly from between the lugs.

Depending on the composition and tread pattern, many mud terrain tires are not well suited to on-road use.

They can be noisy at highway speeds, and due to the open tread design, they have less of a contact area with the road, limiting traction.


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