This section provides a detailed description of the DaCoTA in-depth road accident investigation methodology as developed by partners working in DaCoTA Work Package 2. The aim is to describe the intended scope, characteristics and practical requirements of the methods to be deployed. For a complete overview, this section should be read together with the DaCoTA Teams section.

Essential items of the methodology are listed to define their intended scope and the type of method to be used for each item. Additionally noted, at the more practical level, are key items of equipment and any essential arrangements that must be put in place by investigating teams.

This section is intended to be used by DaCoTA Network Team Leaders to see what is required, ask any early questions, and start making plans as soon as possible.

The Detailed Methodology section attempts to accurately describe the investigation methodology in detail. For a brief overview of the methodology, please refer to the Methodology Outline section.

Investigation teams will differ in level of experience (e.g. New, Developing and Experienced). Furthermore, the investigators will also sometimes be divided into On Scene and Retrospective teams. For these reasons, some methodology sections are only relevant to certain teams. The Detailed Methodology attempts to detail a complete methodology, covering all teams. Investigation teams should refer to the applicable Methodology Outline section as the Methodology Outline is divided by level of experience and On Scene/Retrospective. This should enable teams to determine the methodology that applies to their requirements.