Equipment List

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Purpose / Aim

The purpose of the Equipment List is to compile all individual equipment lists into one comprehensive list for reference purposes.

This list is subdivided into the various Detailed Methodolgy tasks. Before accident investigators begin any one of these tasks, it is recommended to consult the relevant Equipment List section to ensure they are properly equipped and able to perform the requirements of the task.

Equipment List

Sampling Plan

Please refer to the Accident Notifications equipment list.

Health and Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment (according to Directive 89/686/EEC):
    • Steel toe capped footwear
    • Reflective jacket
    • Gloves – heavy duty (anti-tear) and disposable
    • Safety glasses
    • Safety helmet
    • Face shield
    • First aid kit
  • High visibility reflective items and lights for investigation vehicle

Accident Notifications

  • Sampling plan and local maps (GoogleEarth/Maps and GoogleStreetview) – to check notified accidents are within the agreed geographical boundary
  • Mobile phone, smartphone, tablet PC or similar for receiving notification when the team is away from the office

Scene and Road

The Scene and Road equipment list also applies for the Photo Routine, Scene Measurements and Scene and Road Sketch tasks.

  • Checklist (based on the database)
  • Permit or memorandum of agreement for in-depth research of road authority or police, driver license, vehicle registration document
  • All Health & Safety equipment
  • Investigation vehicle (appropriately marked for visibility and equipped with flashing lights)
  • Measuring tapes
  • Folding staff
  • Spray chalk
  • Thermometer
  • Digital camera (with video capabilities)
  • Spare camera batteries
  • Spare memory card for camera
  • Camera tripod
  • Toolset
  • Flashlight
  • Inclinometer
  • Measuring wheel
  • Digital laser distance meter (incl. digital inlinometer)
  • Tripod for laser distance meter
  • Torch
  • Level
  • Levelling rod
  • Grade rod
  • Note taking items (pen, pencil, paper, etc.)
  • Marking cones
  • Safety gate
  • Traffic signs: road works, speed limit, right of way by narrowing road
  • GPS
  • Scaled paper for making hand sketches

Vehicle Inspection

  • PPE
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Tread depth gauge
  • Stands and rulers for measuring deformations
  • Digital camera
  • Magnetic arrows to indicate small marks/deformations
  • Investigation vehicle

Vulnerable Road User

Please refer to the Vehicle Inspection equipment list.

Behavioural Data

  • Phone with headset
  • Interview guide
  • recording equipment (where legal, appropriate and consented)
  • Questionnaires (to send in the post, when required)

Medical Data

  • Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) 2005 (update 2008) Manual
  • Anatomical references
  • Secure storage (for all medical related data)

Accident Causation

  • Coding database system
  • DREAM manual (DaCoTA update)

Accident Reconstruction

  • Appropriate software (i.e. AI Damage, PC-Crash, etc.)

Case Delivery

  • A computer system and internet connection (capable of running the DaCoTA database system)