To collect data (mainly from interviews/questionnaires) to understand and describes road user behaviour and relevant background information in support of the overall accident analysis.


Interviews are the main method for collecting road user behavioural data but all data collection can give information valuable for evaluating road user behaviour. Interview material should be stored locally and as complete as possible for later re-analysis by the team, if local laws and guidelines allow. Database entries to be made fully anonymous, without any personal names, addresses or vehicle registration numbers included.


  • On-scene contact and if possible ask questions concerning the course of events and possible causes of the accident.
  • Full interview according to a semi structured form to be conducted as soon as possible, on-scene, at hospital, or retrospectively by phone/face to face.

On-scene and retrospective

  • Interviews should be conducted as soon as possible after the accident and if possible face to face.
  • As it is not always possible to conduct an interview on-scene, the methods recommended here are to be tried in following order
    1. On-scene interview
    2. Interview at hospital
    3. Retrospective interview face to face or by phone
    4. Postal questionnaire


Please refer to the Behavioural Data section of the Equipment List for the Behavioural Data equipment list.


All Teams

  • Check national legislation and guidelines for possibility to process potentially sensitive personal findings as anonymised data.
  • Ethical approval if necessary.
  • Consent forms to perform interview if needed.
  • Investigators trained in conducting interviews.