Case Delivery

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The purpose of the Case Delivery section is to detail how the investigation findings should be organised and recorded in the DaCoTA database system. The Case Delivery section attempts to ensure that investigation teams enter sufficient case related data into the database after their investigation, so as to provide the necessary data to perform an analysis and reconstruction for the accident in question.

The DaCoTA system is an internet based open source cross-platform web application that allows users to enter variously formatted data (i.e. text, pictures, sketches, files, etc.).

The DaCoTA database system attempts to:

  • Store and organise in-depth accident data in a harmonised fashion
  • Provide an environment to filter and analyse the collected accident data
  • Enable a secure method for DaCoTA partners to share data and analysis

The recommended methodology to ensure a comprehensive data set is detailed below.


The methods outlined within this section should be applied in conjunction with relevant Detailed Methodology sections.

1. Appoint a Case Leader

Determine the most suitable team member to be responsible for controlling the quality and completeness of the dataset entered. The case leader will ideally be the most experienced team member on the investigation team. A more experienced Case Leader should better understand what is required from an investigation and familiar with the core variables to be entered into the database.

2. New Case

The case leader should then open a new case in the DaCoTA database. The Case Leader should then liaise with the investigation team to allocate specific responsibilities to each member.

Entering in collected data into the DaCoTA database can now begin. The Case Leader should ensure that the core variables have been entered. Furthermore, the data should be reviewed by the Case Leader to check the quality thereof.

3. Additional Considerations

Once the collected data has been entered into the database and it has been reviewed by the Case Leader for quality and completeness, the Case Leader must decide whether an additional retrospective investigation is required. A subsequent investigation may be required to procure additional evidence in order to create a more complete dataset.

Furthermore, the Case Leader is responsible to ensure that all data is made anonymous. All indentifiers should be removed from data (licence plate numbers, road user names, addresses, Vehicle Identification Numbers, etc.).


Please refer to the main Equipment List for the Case Delivery equipment list.


Please refer to the Arrangement section of the Methodology Outline Case Delivery section.