To coordinate all case findings to ensure the team fully complete and enter all data and other materials onto the web-based database, and ensure cases have been subject to adequate quality control.


All Teams

  • A case leader is appointed for each accident investigated.
  • The case leader is responsible for the completeness and the quality of the case inserted.
  • The case leader has to open the case, in the database system, on the day of data collection, whenever possible.
  • The web-based database will check some data elements at the data entry stage.
  • Database entries including pictures have to be fully anonymised without any personal names, addresses or vehicle registration numbers included.
  • The database system will not allow incomplete cases to be submitted as completed (a core set of data has to be inserted before the case can be completed).


Please refer to the Case Delivery section of the Equipment List for the Case Delivery equipment list.


All Teams

  • Ensure that all necessary data elements and photographs may be uploaded into the shared database area to be seen by other members of the network.
  • Any local requirements for data sharing or ethical agreements must be put in place before the pilot study commences.
  • Identify a local IT technician able to install and maintain operation of the DaCoTA database system (technical advice will be available from the technical experts in the DaCoTA team).