The purpose of the Vulnerable Road User section is to collect data that describes all Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) (pedestrians, motorcyclists, pedal-cyclists) involved in the accident, including their role in the accident causation, sources of injury, whether they were equipped with protective clothing, a record of any contact marks and other related scene evidence.


Retrospective & On-scene

All Teams

  • General vehicle examination for motorcycles ( Powered Two Wheelers) and pedal-cycles.
  • Identification of vehicle safety features (ABS, Traction Control, Adaptive lights).
  • Examine if tyres or rims (and other vehicle parts) were damaged due to the accident, checking for scrape marks and cracks.
  • Check if the upper protective system integrates an airbag or neck protection

Experienced Teams

  • Examination of the PTW for motor power enhancement
  • Inspect the fuel management system for enhancement
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of systems such as brakes and suspension.


All Teams

  • In addition to scene/road examinations (item 5), examine and record approach paths for PTWs, pedestrians and bicyclists, and take measurement, such as throw distances and skid marks at scene.
  • Look for evidence of locked wheels on tyres
  • Exterior contact marks from VRU’s on opponent vehicle.
  • Look for helmet damage caused in the accident.
  • Examination of helmets, body armour and protective clothing.
  • Examine if helmets and visors were certified for PTW use.

Developing Teams and Experienced Teams

  • In addition to injury coding described in medical data, identify the body regions that contacted the other vehicle or object on the road.

Experienced Teams

  • Examine the protective equipment (helmets and clothing) to assess impact performance
  • Examine if the Personal Protective equipment was fitted correctly and worn in the correct place


Please refer to the Vulnerable Road User section of the Equipment List for the Vulnerable Road User equipment list.


All Teams

  • At least one team member trained in collecting VRU specific variables

Experienced Teams

  • PTW specialist on team