Event Type

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Database table event
Database variable name event_type
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Ad the events that occured once for every time they occured.


2 Skidding initiation
3 Jack-knife initiation
4 Run off road to the right
5 Run off road to the left
6 Cross lane marking right
7 Cross lane marking left
8 Cross median line
9 Turn indicator onset from EDR
10 Crosses stop line / yield markings
11 Left/right turn initiation
12 Entering POV's lane of travel
13 Back to road
14 Steer reaction initiation
15 Brake reaction initiation
16 Normal brake initiation
17 Technical issue initiation
18 Rollover initiation
19 Contact
20 Impact


Add events and organize them in order so that the sequence of events gives a clear explanation of what has happened in the accident. A typical sequence of events starts with the first thing that happens after normal driving on a straight road and ends when the vehicle is standing still. The events possible to add are shown in the value list and all events that occurred during this last stage of the accident should always be added.

The event type defines the kind of situation the vehicle is exposed to. An event begins with the described situation e.g. impact, run of road, etc. and ends if it is superseeded by a following event. Skidding is only coded before an initial impact and rollover is only coded for the initial rollover situation.

Skidding initiation
Jack-knife initiation
Run of road to the right
Run of road to the left
Cross lane marking right
Cross lane marking left
Cross median line
Turn indicator onset from EDR
Crosses stop line / yield markings
Left/right turn initiation
Entering POV's lane of travel
Back to road
Steer reaction initiation
Brake reaction initiation
Normal brake initiation
Technical issue initiation
Rollover initiation

Short description

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