C5 [mm]

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Database table car_impact
Database variable name C5
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

The fifth of six segments (along the damage width) indicating deformation-depth (in mm).


Whole number.


The damage width of the vehicle is separated into six equal segments C1..C6 and the deformation depth is measured for each segment.

This damage width is the point of zero crush (or the end of the vehicle) on one side of the damage, to the point of zero crush

(or the end of vehicle) on the other side of the damage

Unlike “direct contact” which is a measure along the part of the vehicle that has come into contact with an object, damage width (C1..C6) is a measure of all crush.

As this crush is often as a result of transmitted forces pulling the body shell inwards the C1 to C6 measures are more likely to be over a greater width than the direct contact.

Deformation measurements should be taken at frame height around the vehicle.

For front and rear impacts this will be at bumper height and for side impacts at sill height.

Below the direct contact of a narrow pole impact is only 42cm wide but transmitted forces have pulled the sills doors and other bodywork inwards making the damage width C1 to C6 to about 100cm.

In the next example the vehicle has an offset frontal impact to the left side.

The direct contact is only 77cm but there is measurable crush across the whole width making damage width C1 to C6 the full width of the vehicle.


C1 is always on the left side for a front or rear impact. C6 is always on the right side for a front or rear impact.

C1 is always at the rear in a side impact. C6 is always at the front for a side impact.

Short description

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