Road Network Classification

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Database table Road
Database variable name Road_network_classification
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Road classification.


2 European Road
3 National Road
4 County Road
5 Private
7777 Not Applicable


State the road classification.

A European road is "E-signed". A National road has a road number between 1-99, county roads are numbered from 100 and up. See also the variable "Road Number".

In the legends, the road classifications correspond to the following variable values:

European roads
E-signed roads, marked with red
National road
roads with numbers between 1-99, marked with blue.
County road
roads with numbers from 100 and up, these roads are marked with green, brown or dark yellow.
Not Available, there is no road classification available for this road, e.g. a city street.

Short description

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