Curve Radius [m]

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Database table Road
Database variable name Curve_radius
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

The road curve radius.


Whole number between 0-10000


The radius of a curve on the road. The curve radius is measured at the reference point and is measured for each road if there is a curve.

There are two ways to calculate the curve radius.

The first way uses only the measuring wheel. An investigator has to measure two distances, marked S1, S2 etc and H1, H2 etc in the figure below.

Then, by using the equation R=S2/(8*H), the curve radius R can be calculated.

The second way uses two sticks which are placed along the curve at a specified straight distance S, e.g. 20 meters, from each other. Then a point is set the same distance S along a straight line through these two sticks. The distance to the curve, i, is then measured ("inryckning" in the figure below) . The curve radius R can the be calculated by R=S2/i.

Short description

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