Vulnerable Road User Facilities

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Database table Road
Database variable name Vulnerable_road_user_facilities
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

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VRU infrastructure (e.g. separated bike path, wide shoulder, etc.)


2 Mixed Traffic
3 Wide Shoulder
4 Bicycle Lane
5 Separated from roadway with kerb
6 Bicycle lane separated from roadway
7 Totaly separated bicycle path


The type of existing Vulnerable Road User (VRU) facilities at the accident site and how VRU and vehicles share the roadway.

Mixed traffic
VRU and other vehicles share the same roadway (top left).
Bicycle lane
There is a special bicycle lane in the roadway (top center).
Wide shoulder
The shoulder of the road is wider to accommodate VRU, usually the shoulder is wider than 0,75 meters (top right).
Separated from roadway with kerb
The VRU lane is separated from the road by a kerb (bottom left).
Bicycle lane separated from roadway
The bicycle lane is totally separated from the roadway but not more than 3 meters (bottom center).
Totally separated bicycle path
The bicycle path is totally separate from the roadway by at least 3 meters (bottom right and far right).

Short description

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