Lane Cross Fall According to Inspector

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Database table Road_lane
Database variable name Lane_cross_fall_according_to_inspector
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Describes carriageway lean across the direction of travel, according to the inspector.


Whole number between -100 to 100 [%].


Cross fall (also referred to as cross slope, camber or cant) is the slope of the road surface measured laterally from the outside edge (or kerb) toward the median line. Cross fall is positive if the slope rises away from the outside edge or kerb. Cross fall is negative if the slope falls away from the outside edge.

It is normal for the middle of straight or gently curving roads to be slightly higher than the edges so that rainwater will flow off the sides of the road. Such roads have positive cross fall on either side of the median line

This variable is measured in [%] at a point of special interest for the accident scenario according to the investigator. The variable does not need to be filled in if no point of interest has been found but if measured the location of the measurement should be noted in a comment.

Short description

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