Roadway Surface Type

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Database table Road_lane
Database variable name Roadway_surface_type
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Type of surface on the roadway.


2 Asphalt
3 Drainage Asphalt
4 Gravel
5 Concrete
6 Brick
7 Block
7777 Not Applicable
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


Roadway surface type is the material in the top surface of the road and is noted for each lane.

The most common surface type, usually black but can also be red or green. This includes Tar-macadam.
Drainage asphalt
A special kind of asphalt that is more porous and lets water through more easily.
Non-fixed aggregate material, a common material on smaller rural roads.
A mixture of aggregate, sand, water and cement. Light grey in colour once set.
Brick or block
Road surface is composed of fixed individual blocks or bricks.
The roadway surface type is unknown.

Short description

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