Macroscopic Road Surface Condition

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Database table road_lane
Database variable name Macroscopic_road_surface_condition
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

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Description of macroscopic structure as a whole.


2 None
3 Lane grooves
4 Tram rails
5 Potholes
6 Asphalt patchwork
7 Bitumen patchwork
8 Bleeding asphalt
9 Multiple, comment
8888 Other


The macroscopic road surface condition describes the condition of the roadway surface itself or any other relevant features in the road. It is noted for each lane.

There are no relevant macroscopic road surface conditions.
Lane grooves
There are lane grooves in the road, made by i.e. heavy traffic or vehicles with studded winter tyres.
Tram rails
There are tram rails in the road.
The road has potholes, i.e. holes in the road surface that go through the top layer into the material underneath. Potholes are usually caused either by fatigue in the asphalt or weather conditions.
Asphalt patchwork
The road surface has been repaired with asphalt, leaving patches of newer asphalt.
Bitumen patchwork
The road surface has been repaired with bitumen, leaving patches of bitumen.
Bleeding asphalt
The asphalt bleeds, e.g. there is a film of asphalt binder on the road surface. This film usually looks shiny, like glass, and can feel sticky.
Multiple, comment
There are multiple macroscopic road surface conditions, make comments in free text.
There is any other macroscopic road surface condition, make comments in free text.

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