Barrier Capacity Class

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Database table Road barrier
Database variable name Barrier_capacity_class
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

The capacity class of the barrier.


2 N2
3 H2
4 Not classified
9999 Unknown


The barrier capacity class is a measure of how much energy the barrier can absorb from impact. The capacity class of a barrier is determined by a number of standadized tests where vehicles of different weights hit a barrier at different speeds and angles.

The barrier is of capacity class N2, meaning it can absorb the energy of cars up tp 1500 kg and 110 km/h at a 20 degree angle.
The barrier is of a capacity class H2, meaning it can absord the energy of cars up to 900 kg and 100 km/h and vehicles up to 13000 kg and 70 km/h hitting the barrier at a 20 degree angle.This is a higher capacity class than N2.
Not classified
The barrier is not classified.
The capacity class of the barrier is unknown.

Short description

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