Was the PPE Fitted Correctly and Worn in the Correct Place - PTW

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Database table ptw
Database variable name ptw_was_the_ppe_fitted_correctly_and_worn_in_the_correct_place
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

PTW PPE fit status.


0 No
1 Yes
9999 Unknown


State whether the PTW road user had properly fitting and correctly worn PPE during the accident.

Correct fitting PPE is (for example) when the PPE is covering/protecting the elbow tightly.

Incorrect fitting PPE, in this case, would be PPE that can move around the arm due to a large size of the jacket.

PPE worn incorrectly is (for example) a back protector that was used as a chest protection from cold air.

Short description

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