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Database table ptw
Database variable name ptw_helmet_type
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

PTW road user helmet type.


2 Full Face Fixed
3 Full Face with Hinged Front
4 Open Face
5 Bicycle Helmet
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


Full Face Fixed

A Full Face Fixed helmet covers the entire head, with a rear that covers the base of the skull, and a protective section over the front of the chin.

Such helmets have an open cutout in a band across the eyes and nose, and often include a clear or tinted transparent plastic face shield, known as a visor, that generally swivels up and down to allow access to the face.

Many Full Face Fixed helmets include vents to increase the airflow to the rider (see Figure 1).

A Full Face Fixed motocross helmet with a fixed chin section is considered a full face helmet.

Figure 1: Full face helmet

Full Face with Hinged Front

A hybrid between full face and open face helmets for street use is the modular or "flip-up" helmet, also sometimes termed "convertible" or "flip-face".

When fully assembled and closed, they resemble full face helmets by bearing a chin bar for absorbing face impacts.

Its chin bar may be pivoted upwards (or, in some cases, may be removed) by a special lever to allow access to most of the face, as in an open face helmet (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Full face with hinged front

Open Face

The Open Face, or "three-quarters" helmet covers the ears, cheeks, and back of the head, but lacks the lower chin bar of the full face helmet.

Many offer snap-on visors that may be used by the rider to reduce sunlight glare (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: Open face with attached face shield

Bicycle Helmet

A Bicycle Helmet is a helmet intended to be worn while riding a bicycle.

They are designed to attenuate impacts to the skull of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision.

Figure 4: "Hairnet" helmet

Figure 5: A carbon full-face bicycle helmet intended for downhill racing.


The half helmet, also referred to as a "Shorty" in the USA and "Pudding Basin" or TT helmet in the UK and popular with Rockers and road racers of the 1960s in the British Isles.

It has essentially the same front design as an open face helmet but without a lowered rear in the shape of a bowl (see Figure 6).

Figure 6: Half helmet or "Pudding Basin Helmet" from the 1960s

As “Other” helmets should also be coded the army helmets that used by high-chopped type riders.

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