General Condition (Body, Outside) - Vehicle

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Database table car
Database variable name general_condition_body_outside
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

General outer vehicle condition.


2 Excellent
3 Good
4 Average
5 Bad
9999 Unknown


State the general condition of the outer body of the vehicle, based on its appearance.


The vehicle should be in exceptional shape in all aspects. The tires match and have lots of tread on them with no uneven wear patterns. The vehicle is generally free of damage. The vehicle's paint has no flaws and is free of excessive chips and dents.


Those vehicles that show wear consistent with their age. There are no major cosmetic problems. The paint is in good condition, possibly with some minor scratches or dents. The tires are in good shape and have some tread remaining.


These vehicles may have a few problems that may require a small investment to fix. The exterior paint may be faded. There may be significant scratching and denting. The tires may require changing.


These vehicles have substantial body damage that render the vehicle inoperable. The exterior show signs of wear and damage. There are dents and signs of rust. The tires have no remaining tread.


Short description

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