Tire and Wheel Defect Having Played a Role in the Accident

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Database table wheel
Database variable name tire_and_wheel_defect_having_played_role_in_the_accident
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Tire and wheel defects.


0 No
3 Blow-out
4 Difference in types
5 Difference in dimensions
6 Wear (thread < 1.6mm)
7 Uneven wear (defective parallelism, or camber angle)
8 Play in bearings (wheel axle)
9 Tire dimensions not in conformance
10 Pressures (difference > up to 0.3 bar between wheels on the same axle or from builder's specifications)


State the defect in the tire and wheel that may have contributed to the accident.

Short description

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