Damage to CRS

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Road User

Database table road_user_child_seat
Database variable name damage_to_the_crs
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

CRS damage sustained due to accident.


0 No
2 CRS twisted on its basis
3 Harness strap
4 Wings
5 CRS metallic frame
6 CRS destroyed
7 Clamping device
8 Backrest
9 Shield
10 Foam displacement
11 CRS seat
12 Harness buckle
13 Friction marks
14 Guide-strap
15 CRS plastic shell
16 Adjusting device
17 Lock-off device
18 Backrest / seat separation
19 CRS polystyrene shell
20 CRS / basis disconnection
21 Plastic shell breakage
7777 Not Applicable
8888 Other - describe
9999 Unknown


State any damage to the CRS as caused by the accident. All types of damage is included even if it appears irrelevant.

Include comment box details and photos if possible.

CRS twisted on its basis
Harness strap
CRS metallic frame
CRS destroyed
Clamping device
Foam displacement
CRS seat
Harness buckle
Friction marks
CRS plastic shell
Adjusting device
Lock-off device
Backrest / seat separation
CRS polystyrene shell
CRS / basis disconnection
Plastic shell breakage
Not Applicable
Other - describe

Short description

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