Evidence of Rear Wheel Braking - PTW

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Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

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PTW front wheel braking evidence.


0 No
2 Yes, before impact
3 Yes, after impact
4 Yes, before and after impact
5 Yes, unknown when
9999 Unknown


Specify whether brake marks have been left on roadway and/or tyre before and/or after the impact.

OECD RS9/TEG/ 151 definition: Braking evidence is determined by close examination of the rear tyre of the PTW. Examination should only be performed under well lighted conditions.

During braking, rubber tire material is deposited on the roadway surface and subsequently removed from the motorcycle tyre.

Flat spots or patches will appear on the motorcycle tire where this contact with the roadway surface occurred (see figure below).

Tire evidence as a result of moderate braking will show surface marks throughout the circumference of the tire without a change in tyre tread depth.

Tire evidence from heavy braking without wheel lock-up will show a series of skid patches around the circumference of the tyre.

When heavy locked wheel braking occurs, the tyre will show flat regions where rubber was transferred to the roadway surface.

If more than one flat spot or skid patch is observed on the tyre, it may be concluded that the tyre has multiple skid patches (see the figure below).

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