Front Sprocket Condition - PTW

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Database table ptw
Database variable name ptw_front_sprocket_condition
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

PTW front sprocket evaluation.


2 Good Condition
3 Average
4 Worn
5 Badly Worn
9999 Unknown


State the condition of the PTW rear sprocket of the drive train.

(OECD RS9/TEG/ 151 definitions: 2, 4, 5)

Drive sprocket condition is evaluated by visual inspection of the front sprocket teeth, rear sprocket teeth as well as the drive line.

The front sprocket teeth examination is typically accomplished by removing the engine sprocket cover and inspecting the engine sprocket assembly.

The rear sprocket can usually be inspected without removing any components from the motorcycle.

The following guidelines should be used to determine the appropriate drive sprocket condition responses.

Good condition

No unusual condition, acceptable condition: visual inspection has revealed no unusual damage to the sprockets. Examination should be made to note asymmetry of the sprocket teeth.


Average condition of sprocket teeth: The sprocket teeth are shown some wear (noticeable) when viewed laterally.


Sprocket teeth are worn but serviceable: The sprocket teeth are considered to be worn when there is visible asymmetry of the sprocket teeth when viewed laterally.

Badly Worn

Sprocket teeth badly worn, hinders power application: The sprocket teeth are clearly asymmetric in shape and the leading edge of the sprocket tooth is at such an angle as to cause chain slip during power application.

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