Throttle Cables - PTW

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Database table ptw
Database variable name ptw_throttle_cables
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

PTW throttle cable condition.


2 Free (throttle works correctly)
3 Cables crushed
4 Cables separated
5 Bent
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


State the condition of the PTW throttle cables.

(OECD RS9/TEG/ 151 definitions)

The following procedures may be used as a guide to determine cable condition:

If the drum does not return to the normal position, the cable must be inspected for any crushing or binding due to the accident.

The inspection should include a detailed analysis of the cable path from the drum through to the carburettor.

Particular attention should be paid to the cable travel near the triple clamp assembly as this is a common location for cable crushing and binding.

Short description

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