Restricted Sightline, Left (Intersection)

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Database table road
Database variable name restricted_sightline_left_intersection
Introduction date 2011-10-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Any obtrusions to road user vision, left (intersection).


0 No
1 Yes


State whether there are any existing obtrusions to the road users line of sight, on the left side at the intersection.
The sightline might be restricted for many reasons and it’s important to evaluate the sight at the accident spot. What’s a restriction and not may also vary depending on the road and its properties such as speed limit or curves. E.g. a curve may obstruct the view if the speed limit of the road is high, but might not be a problem where the speed is lower.
The sightline is considered as restricted when the sightline of potential interest is obviously at least partially blocked.
When filling out restricted sightline, remember to write a comment of the obstructing object e.g. size/height and to fill out both left and right way for intersections.

Short description

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