Ejection Route

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Road User

Database table Road_user
Database variable name Ejection_route
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Occupant ejection route.


2 Front left side door
3 Front left side window
4 Front right side door
5 Front right side window
6 Luggage boot
7 Rear (back) window
8 Rear left side door
9 Rear left side window
10 Rear right side door
11 Rear right side window
12 Sun roof
13 Windscreen
7777 Not Applicable
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


State the route that the occupant was ejected from the vehicle.

Front left side door
Front left side window
Front right side door
Front right side window
Luggage boot
Rear (back) window
Rear left side door
Rear left side window
Rear right side door
Rear right side window
Sun roof
Not Applicable

Short description

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