Injury Causing Part

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Road User

Database table road_user_injury
Database variable name Injury_causing_part
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

The vehicular or environmental component most likely responsible for injuries sustained.


2 Windscreen (not further specified)
3 Mirror
4 Steering wheel (not further specified)
5 Steering wheel Rim
6 Steering wheel Spoke
7 Steering wheel Hub
8 Steering column (not further specified)
9 Rigid bracketry behind steering column panel
10 Ignition keys / switch
11 Header rail
12 A pillar
13 Facia Panel (not further specified)
14 Rigid bracketry behind Facia panel
15 Facia Top (not further specified)
16 Rigid bracketry behind facia top panel
17 Centre console / tunnel (not further specified)
18 Handbrake
19 Gear Lever
20 Footwell (not further specified)
21 Bulkhead
22 Pedals
23 Head restraint (not further specified)
24 Own Head Restraint
25 Other Head Restraint
26 Own Seat (not further specified)
27 Own Seat Base
28 Own Seat Back
29 Underneath Own Seat
30 Other Seat (not further specified)
31 Other Seat Base
32 Other Seat Back
33 Underneath Other Seat
34 Seat belt (not further specified)
35 Belt webbing
36 Airbag (not further specified)
37 Front Airbag
38 Side Airbag
39 Cant rail (side roof rail) Airbag
40 Other Airbag location
41 Own Child restraint
42 Own side B pillar (not further specified)
43 Own side B pillar belt anchorage
44 Own side C pillar (not further specified)
45 Own side C pillar belt anchorage
46 Own side D pillar (not further specified)
47 Own side D pillar belt anchorage
48 Own side compartment (not further specified)
49 Own side roof rail (cant rail)
50 Own side glass
51 Own Door
52 Opposite side (not further specified)
53 Opposite side pillar (B, C, D)
54 Roof
55 Sunroof
56 Object in vehicle (not further specified)
57 Animal
58 Flying Glass
59 Load / Luggage
60 Other occupant
61 Bonnet
62 Tailgate
63 External Object
64 Tree
65 Road Furniture
66 Wall
67 Other vehicle
68 Non contact injury
69 Knee Airbag
70 Left front door (not further specified)
71 Left rear door (not further specified)
72 Right rear door (not further specified)
73 Right front door (not further specified)
74 Dash panel (not further specified)
75 Front facia panel (NFS)
76 Grab handle left
77 Grab handle right
78 Interior mirror
79 Left side compartment (not further specified)
80 Left side front header
81 Left side roof rail (cant rail)
82 Lower facia panel NFS
83 Right side compartment (not further specified)
84 Right side roof rail (cant rail)
85 Steering column shrouds
86 Bonnet leading edge
87 Front bumper
88 Hood
89 Left fender side
90 Left fender top
91 Left side mirror
92 Lower windscreen frame
93 Right fender side
94 Right fender top
95 Right side mirror
96 Left A pillar (not further specified)
97 Left B pillar (not further specified)
98 Left B pillar belt anchorage
99 Left C pillar (not further specified)
100 Left C pillar belt anchorage
101 Left D pillar (not further specified)
102 Left D pillar belt anchorage
103 Right A pillar (not further specified)
104 Right B pillar (not further specified)
105 Right B pillar belt anchorage
106 Right C pillar (not further specified)
107 Right C pillar belt anchorage
108 Right D pillar (not further specified)
109 Right D pillar belt anchorage
110 Seat belt lock
111 Centre part front window
112 Left A/B window
113 Left B/C window
114 Left C/D window
115 Left part windscreen
116 Rear window
117 Right A/B window
118 Right B/C window
119 Right C/D window
120 Right part windscreen
121 Upper windscreen frame
122 Overrun by vehicle
123 Ground
124 Kerb
125 Pavement
126 Other child restraint
127 Child restraint harness webbing
128 Child restraint harness buckle
9999 Unknown


State the object most likely responsible for the injuries sustained by the road user.

Select from the list above that better describes the source.

Use the comments box to further specified the injury source if possible.

Short description

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