Case Leader

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Database table Accident
Database variable name Case_leader
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

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The name of the case leader.




The DaCoTA investigation shift plan defines which person is the Case Leader on a specific shift. It is recommended that the Case Leader should be the most experienced team member on that shift. The Case Leader is in general responsible for the organization of the shift and the data collection and entry into the database for cases that are started during the shift. Before and during the shift the Case Leader has the following tasks:

  • Assign tasks between on-scene or retrospective investigators
  • Check that all equipment is present and working
  • Check if notified cases fulfill the sampling criteria
  • Fill out the accident log

During a case investigation the Case Leader has the following tasks:

  • Crisis handling, if other investigators have physical or emotional issues which affect their ability to conduct the investigation
  • Decision according to the sampling plan if accident data will be further collected if the accident site is already cleared up and neither police / rescue or accident participants are available
  • Decision when the on-scene and retrospective data collection is finished

During the case life cycle the Case Leader has the following tasks:

  • Check the case status overview and identify issues in case completion
  • Decide if a retrospective accident site investigation is necessary
  • Liaise with all individuals contributing to the case
  • Invite and conduct the case analysis meeting

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