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Database table Accident
Database variable name Accident_summary
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

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Accident summary according to the DaCoTA investigation.




Accident summary will be made after all interviews, vehicle inspections and reconstruction have been completed. The accident summary will include the most important factors, including: number of vehicles and their heading, how the vehicles collided and the course of the events. The following should be included:

  1. Time of accident
  2. Speed limit
  3. Weather condition
  4. Day
  5. Age
  6. Trip start
  7. Occupation (day time work, shift hours)
  8. Intended destination
  9. Vehicle info (very basic – especially when more than one vehicle involved)
  10. Crash site (including road number)
  11. Actions before control is lost
  12. Actions/ Circumstances before control is lost (the most direct information gained in interview – avoid including own analysis – this is made in DREAM)
  13. Actions before control is lost
  14. What happens with vehicle including end position
  15. Basic information of any injuries (only based on information gained in interview or on site – no details on AIS etc)


You should not specify the specific road name, direction and vehicle name when writing the accident summary. Instead, this information should be entred:

  • Road name: namned "Road A", "Road B"...
  • The direction: by specifying the cardinal
  • Vehicle name: namned "Vehicle 1", "Vehicle 2"...

Short description

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