Cab Dislocated - Truck

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Database table truck_cab_deformation
Database variable name Cab_dislocated
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Cab displacement relative to the chassis frame.


0 No
3 Dislocated rearwards
4 Dislocated to the left
5 Dislocated to the right
6 Turned over forward
7 Completely separated from the chassis
8 Dislocated forward
7777 Not Applicable
9999 Unknown


State if the truck cab been dislocated. Inspect the truck/cab from both sides, dislocation means displacement relative to the frame attachments and does not include deformations.

Dislocated rearwards
Dislocated to the left
Dislocated to the right
Turned over forward
Completely separated from the chassis
Dislocated forward
Not Applicable

Short description

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