Left Frontal Door Opening Longitudinal Deformation - Truck

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Database table Truck
Database variable name truck_Left_frontal_door_opening_longitudinal_deformation
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

To be measured horizontally between A- and B-pillars in height of door lock striker.


2 None
3 Minor (0-2 cm)
4 Moderate (3-10 cm)
5 Major (More than 10 cm)
7777 Not Applicable
9999 Unknown


State if the left door opening has been deformed and it's level of deformation. Measure between A-pillar and B-pillar at the height of the door lock. If the opposite door opening in intact - use that as a reference. If both door openings are deformed try to estimate the undeformed measurement

Minor (0-2 cm)
Moderate (3-10 cm)
Major (10< cm)
Not applicable

Short description

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