To have an organisation and combined expertise that will enable all DaCoTA accident investigation tasks to be completed


  • All teams
    • A team should consist of at least two investigators. A Team Leader must be identified who can be one of the investigators. At least one of the investigators should have successfully completed the DaCoTA training and be responsible for guiding others in their team. See also additional team experience notes in the previous section.
  • New teams and Developing Teams
    • The team should have access to experts with knowledge of medicine, human factors, roads and vehicles.
  • Experienced teams
    • Specialists in road, vehicle and human factors should be integrated into the team. Immediate access to experts in medicine, accident causation and reconstruction.


  • All teams
    • Secure office space with computers and file storage, access to a vehicle, DaCoTA training manual.


  • All teams
    • The team must consist of at least two members to perform challenging tasks in a safe and qualitative way.
    • It is recommended to recruit team members from a range of relevant specialities.
    • Arrange for at least one team member to attend formal DaCoTA training and organise dissemination to any additional team members within 2 weeks.