Road Type

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Database table Road
Database variable name Road_type
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

The type of road.


2 Principal Arterial
3 Secondary Arterial
4 Collector
5 Local
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


This variable describes the functional class of the road where the accident occurred.

For accidents occurring at junctions the road with priority is indicated as first road (priority defined by traffic signs, traffic lights, policemen or any other type of junction control).

A two digit number corresponding to one of the values is filled-in to indicate the road functional class.

Principal Arterial

Roads serving long distance and mainly interurban movements.

Includes motorways (urban or rural) and expressways (road which does not serve properties bordering on it and which is provided with separate carriageways for the two directions of traffic).

Principal arterials may cross through urban areas, serving suburban movements.

The traffic is characterized by high speeds and full or partial access control (interchanges or junctions controlled by traffic lights).

Other roads leading to a principal arterial are connected to it through side collector roads.

Secondary Arterial

Arterial roads connected to principal arterials through interchanges or traffic light controlled junctions supporting and completing the urban arterial network.

Serving middle distance movements but not crossing through neighborhoods. Full or partial access control is not mandatory.


Unlike arterials, collectors cross urban areas (neighborhoods) and collect or distribute the traffic from/to local roads.

Collectors also distribute traffic leading to secondary or principal arterials.


Roads used for direct access to the various land uses (private property, commercial areas etc).

Low service speeds not designed to serve interstate or suburban movements.


Roads whose functional class is not included in the list of the previous values.


The road functional class was unknown or not stated.

Short description

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