Restrictions in Passing or Overtaking

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Database table Road_lane
Database variable name Passing
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Restriction in passing/overtaking.


0 No
3 Yes, No passing sign
4 Yes, No passing for heavy vehicles
5 Yes, No passing + special rule
7777 Not Applicable
9999 Unknown


State if there is any sign for restriction in passing or overtaking other vehicles. Only solid lanes indicating restrictions in passing or overtaking will not be coded.

No restrictions on passing or overtaking other vehicles exist.
Yes, No passing sign
Complete restriction, overtaking or passing is not allowed.
Yes, No passing for heavy vehicles
Heavy vehicles are not allowed to overtake or pass other vehicles.
Yes, No passing + special rule
Restriction and special rules apply.
Unknown whether restrictions exist.

Short description

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