Traffic Regulation

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Database table road_lane
Database variable name Lane_based_traffic_regulation
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

Relevant existing traffic regulation.


2 Right-side priority rule
3 Priority road
4 Mandatory give-way
5 STOP-sign
6 Traffic lights
7 Weaving
8 Entrance
7777 Not Applicable
9999 Unknown


Lane based traffic regulation describes how traffic is regulated in each lane.

Right-side priority rule
The lane is regulated by the right-side priority rule, e.g. in-lane vehicles should yield to vehicles to the right.
Priority road
This lane is on a priority road.
Mandatory give-way
This lane has a mandatory give-way sign.
This lane has a STOP sign.
Traffic light
This lane is regulated by a traffic light.
This lane and another merges into one using weaving.
This lane is an entrance to another road.
Unknown traffic regulation.

Short description

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