Global Position Longitude

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Database table Accident
Database variable name Global_position_longitude
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

GPS longitude coordinates of the accident site.


Whole numbers


State the GPS longitude coordinate of the accident site.

The coordinates can be taken from a GPS navigator at accident site.

Coordinates according to WGS84 (degrees, minutes and seconds) will be used.

The longitude 63° 23’ 78.111” W should be input as 63 23 78.111 W, with only spaces as separators.

If the degree, minute and second markers are used the exported database GPS may be erroneously written.

For example: 63° 23’ 78.111” W may be written as: 63° 23’ 78.111†W

Alternatively, the global position can sometimes be found on the alarm notification.

Short description

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