To utilise all available evidence to best analyse and reconstruct the accident such as to calculate vehicle impact speeds and evaluate the sequence of events.


All Teams

  • Assure that data needed to perform reconstructions is available, such as a scaled sketch, pictures and a coded sequence of events.
  • Basic calculations on braking and skidding distances etc.
  • Consider using other information sources such as the police.
  • Developing and Experienced teams
    • More specialized data collection
    • More specialized calculations, including energy based reconstructions (calculating the change of velocity from vehicle damage).
  • Experienced teams
    • Full momentum based reconstructions by software.


Please refer to the Accident Reconstruction section of the Equipment List for the Accident Reconstruction equipment list.


All Teams

  • Training and support from the DaCoTA partnership.
  • Explore the possibility to view scene plans and results calculated by other local reconstruction experts, e.g. police experts (while maintaining the independence of the research study).