To collect data that describes the scene for each accident, including road layout, vehicle positions and where possible transient data such as skid marks and environmental conditions, to a level that will allow case analysis and reconstruction.


Retrospective & On-scene

  • Take photographs of road layout, sightlines, skid marks, contact marks, point of collision, rest positions of vehicles and parts.
  • Take measurements of road layout and markings showing paths taken by road users before and after collision to make a scaled sketch of the accident later.
  • Take adequate photographs of approaches to the point of collision.
  • Additionally, if possible, make video recordings. Record other road data (e.g. type and position of signs or safety rails or fences).
  • Determine the type of collision that has occurred and code using the accident-type coding system.
  • Back at the office: Open the case in the database system and enter a minimum set of variables without delay, quality check of data, entering full data into the system (database) and draw a scaled scene sketch.


  • Find safe parking.
  • Search for marks and traces and identify the exact position of the accident.


  • Find safe parking
  • Contact the person in charge at the accident scene to get information on circumstances and participants
  • Make sure not to hinder the rescue or police investigation.
  • Identify priorities for taking measurements and photographs.
  • In support of vehicle and human factors methodology: make a quick inspection of vehicles to catch transient data such as weather and road conditions, vehicle positions, debris, loads, leakage and trailers.
  • Talk to police, rescue services, involved road users and witnesses to collect contact information.


Please refer to the Scene and Road section of the Equipment List for the Scene and Road equipment list.


All Teams

  • Permission from authorities to be on-scene.
  • Information leaflets about the research project.
  • Consent forms for road users (if and when required locally).