CRS ECE Approval Classification

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Database table road_user_child_seat
Database variable name crsece_approval_classification
Introduction date 2009-07-01
Expiration date Still active

Short description

CRS approval type.


2 1 Forward
3 2 Forward
4 3 Forward
5 0 Rearward
6 0+ Rearward
7 1 Rearward
8 2 Rearward
7777 Not Applicable
8888 Other
9999 Unknown


This variable specifies for which types of usage is this CRS approved. The first number of each value refers to the “group” of the CRS, according to the weight of the children for whom they are suitable as specified in the ECE standards.

Furthermore, the orientation of the child restraint is specified in each value differencing between “forward” and “rearward”-facing child restraint systems.

The rearward facing child seats that are available in most of Europe are normally Group 0 and Group 0+ seats. In some Scandinavian countries, larger rearward facing seats, suitable for children up to the weight of 18kg, are common.

1 Forward
9-18 kg
2 Forward
15-25 kg
3 Forward
22-36 kg
0 Rearward
0-10 kg
0+ Rearward
0-13 kg
1 Rearward
9-18 kg
2 Rearward
15-25 kg
Not Applicable

Short description

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