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AADT Level of Confidence

Level of confidence for the average annual daily traffic.

AADT Level of Confidence - Truck

Level of confidence for the AADT for trucks.

Animal Type

Type of collision object animal.

Animal Weight

The weight of the collision object animal [kg].

Average Annual Daily Traffic

Average annual daily traffic (AADT).

Average Annual Daily Traffic - Truck

Average Annual Daily Traffic for trucks.

Average Speed on Road for Cars (Day)

Average actual daytime car road speed (km/h).

Average Speed on Road for Cars (Night)

Car night time average speed (km/h).

Barrier Capacity Class

The capacity class of the barrier.

Barrier Clearance

Distance from barrier to road side object.

Barrier Contact Length

The length where the vehcile has been in direct contact with the barrier.

Barrier Deformation Height

Height of deformation [m].

Barrier Deformation Length

Length of deformation [m].

Barrier Height

The height of the barrier measured from the roadway.

Barrier Impacted

Automatic entry.

Barrier Maximal Deformation

Maximal deformation [m].

Barrier Name

Name of barrier.

Barrier Positioning

Location of road barrier.

Barrier Screw Dimension

Barrier screw diameter.

Barrier Screw Quality

The steel quality of the barrier screws.

Barrier Working Width

The working width of the barrier.

Bend Direction at Locus

Road curve direction at point of accident.

Bicycle Lane - Roadway Separation Width [m]

The distance between edge of roadway an the bicycle lane (m).

C-C Length

Barrier C-C length [m].

Camber at Locus

Locus road camber.

Collision Object

Collision object in roadside.

Collision Object ID

Primary key or part of primary key.

Construction/Maintenance Zone

An existing construction/maintenance zone (before, at or after the accident site).

Control of Traffic Control Plan

Traffic control plan review and approval status.

Curve Radius [m]

The road curve radius.

Cycle Crossing Facilities

Cycle crossing facilities existent at accident site.

Design Order - Road
Distance From Road Edge

Measured from the edge of the roadway to the object.

Distance to Rigid Object

The distance between the edge of the road to the first object in the roadside > 10 cm.

Ditch Depth

The depth of the ditch.

Ditch Depth Towards the Back Slope

The depth of the ditch towards the back slope.

Drop-Off Height

The height of the drop-off is the difference in height between the support strip and the hard shoulder.

Element Length

Barrier element length [m].

Element Width

Barrier element width [m].

EuroRAP Star Rating Date

The date of the rating.

EuroRAP Stars

Number of EuroRAP stars.

Horizontal Geometry at Locus

Locus horizontal geometry.

Horizontal Geometry Before Locus

Pre-locus horizontal geometry.

Horizontal Geometry Beyond Locus

Post-locus horizontal geometry.

Junction Travel Direction

Travel direction in junction.

Kerb Height

Height of the kerb.

Lane Cross Fall

Describes carriageway lean across the direction of travel.

Lane Cross Fall According to Inspector

Describes carriageway lean across the direction of travel, according to the inspector.

Lane ID

Automatic value.

Location of the Curve

Road curve location.

Macroscopic Road Surface Condition

Description of macroscopic structure as a whole.

Main Cause of Blind

Vision impairment source.

Maintained Marking

The condition and state of maintenance of the road markings.

Material in Slope

Slope material type.

Material Stiffness

The stiffness of the material in the slope.

Measuring Year

The year the Average Annual Daily Traffic was measured.

Microscopic Road Surface Condition

Road surface condition description.

Original Speed Limit

The speed limit shown on permanent roadway signs.

Pedestrian Crossing Facilities

Type of pedestrian crossing.

Period when Measured (End)

End date for traffic measurements.

Period when Measured (Start)

Start date for traffic measurements.

Recommended Speed Limit

Recommended speed limit (km/h).

Reduced View in Road Side

Reduced view in the road side.

Restricted Sightline, Along Path

Any obtrusions to road user vision, along path.

Restricted Sightline, Left (Intersection)

Any obtrusions to road user vision, left (intersection).

Restricted Sightline, Right (Intersection)

Any obtrusions to road user vision, right (intersection).

Restrictions in Passing or Overtaking

Restriction in passing/overtaking.

Road Administrator

The owner of the road who administrates and maintains it.

Road Component ID

Automatic entry.

Road Component Sub Type

Existing road features.

Road Component Type

Road area type (median, lane, etc.).

Road Component Width

Width measurement of road component.

Road Condition

Prevailing road conditions.

Road Friction Coefficient - Measured Value

Road friction coefficient.

Road Friction Coefficient - Table Value

Road friction coefficient (table value).

Road Gradient [%]

Inclination of the road, longitudinally (%).

Road ID

Unique ID for the road.

Road Label

A label to differentiate between different roads in the same accident.

Road Name

The name of the road.

Road Network Classification

Road classification.

Road Number

The alphanumeric road identifier (i.e. E6, E6.21, lv540, etc.).

Road Surface Contaminants

Road surface contaminants. Dropped from vechicles or natural.

Road Surface Temperature

Roadway temperatrure measurement.

Road Type

The type of road.

Roadside Barrier Set Back

The distance between the carriageway edge line to the barrier.

Roadside ID

Primary key or part of primary key.

Roadway Surface Type

Type of surface on the roadway.

Roadway Width [m]

The edge to edge width of the road.

Roundabout Type

The structure of the existing roadway roundabout.

Separation Strip Material

The material that the separation strip is made of.

Separation Strip Type

Type of separation strip between roadway and bicycle lane.

Sight Restrictions Contributed to the Accident

Determine if a vision obtrusion contributing factor.

Signage Contribute to Accident

Road signage affecting accident.

Single Object Deformable

Collision object derformability.

Single Object Width

The width of the object measured where it was hit.

Skid Control

Time for last road salting or sanding (or other friction support).

Skid Control Status

Status of sand or salt used on the accident road.

Slope Gradient [%]

The gradient describes how steep the slope is. [%]

Slope Length

The width of the near side slope.

Snow Clearance Date

Date of last snow clearance.

Snow Clearance Status

State whether the snow on the road been cleared.

Snow Depth

Snow depth measurement.

Special Lane Type

A lane which is dedicated for a special type of traffic (i.e. a dedicated bus lane).

Specific Equipment on the Road

Equipment presence on road.

Speed at Accident Time

Accident vehicle speeds [km/h].

Speed Limit at Accident Time

Posted speed limit at accident time and site [km/h].

Support Strip Material Stiffness

The stiffened of the material in the support strip.

Support Strip Width

The width of the support strip at the reference point.

Track Depth

Unevenness of the road surface crossways of the roadway [mm].

Track Depth According to Inspector

Unevenness of the road surface crossways of the roadway [mm] according to inspector.

Traffic Control Plan

Maintenance/construction zone traffic control plan.

Traffic Flow at Accident Time - Level of Confidence

Car traffic confidence level for the measurements at accident time.

Traffic Flow when Measured (Day)

Daytime car traffic flow when the average speed was measured.

Traffic Flow when Measured (Night)

Nighttime Car traffic flow when the average speed was measured.

Traffic Light Function

Function of the light signalling system.

Traffic Light Type

Type of traffic light signal.

Traffic Regulation

Relevant existing traffic regulation.

Type of Additional Speed Limit

Temporary speed limit change.

Vertical Geometry at Locus

Locus vertical geometry.

Vertical Geometry Before Locus

Pre-locus vertical geometry.

Vertical Geometry Beyond Locus

Post-locus vertical geometry.

Vulnerable Road User Active

Vulnerable Road User accident involvement.

Vulnerable Road User Facilities

VRU infrastructure (e.g. separated bike path, wide shoulder, etc.)

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